With 15+ years of teaching experience that ranges from masterclasses around the world, teaching on the collegiate scene, volunteering in school systems, mentorship programs, artist-in-residency positions, private and group lessons - I am currently available for private lessons, ranging into piano and drum technique, theory and relative sense melody/harmony relationships, music composition, arranging, music history and appreciation.  I am currently facilitating students of ages 8+ through adults, and available through Zoom, Skype and FaceTime.


Since 2007, I began to investigate heavily the realm of education.  From seeking mentors in my fields of study to even turning down opportunities to study in certain places, I knew that having some of the greatest teachers and mentors was just as much a part of my path as was the playing, because knowledge is shared and new intelligence is created, crafted and molded.  Since then, I have been so very fortunate to perform, tour, record and be mentored by some of the greatest musicians on the planet, and through my studies, I found the passion to mold young musicians into the artist they want to be, having comprehensive awareness, knowledge and understanding of the true musician - being prepared, while having the tools necessary to unlock their potential and creativity, and truly being able to give the music, in the moment, what it sincerely deserves.

Everyone has the creative space within them, and it is a space to be molded and expressed.  I have always encouraged any student no matter the age - Always start where you are, but don't be too acclimated with the end.  This means that there are vital steps any student must take in learning any music, especially the music that resonates with them the most.  With many of my adult students already, we explore the lineage of the shifting and ever-foundational roots of all music.  The Masters still teach me today, so I share all the knowledge I have, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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