"I fell in love with all the sounds I heard as a child, so I pursued them" says Drummer/Pianist/Composer STEPHEN GORDON of Charlotte, N.C. - "Rather it was Gospel music at church, Funk and Motown with my Dad, Rock and Metal with my friends, Swing or European Classical literature with my peers and colleagues - I did it all."  From the age of 4 years old, it became apparent that young Stephen would emerge into the world bringing forth sound, art, visual perspectives and living melodies to all that he pursued.  Through the piano, taking lessons from the age of 5 with many teachers of different perspectives at the guidance of his parents and family, Stephen began playing the trumpet at age 12, which ventured into all brass, woodwinds, and eventually the drums and percussion.  "They wanted to expand the Mass Choir at church, so my Dad and I became the rhythm section - That will always be my favorite rhythm section: Me and my Dad."  From traditional and contemporary Gospel music, Stephen began sitting in and eventually gigging around Charlotte as a drummer and a keyboardist.  "It was the Swing that I heard that I wanted to pursue.  When I saw Terence Blanchard Sextet live at 15 years old, I said - Yeah, that's what I want to do; Swing."  This path would lead Stephen to graduate high school from Northwest School of The Arts in Charlotte, N.C. and pursue touring and traveling internationally/nationally.  "I got so many opportunities to travel with the choir, that when it came to gigging and touring with bands and my friends, I didn't see a difference; I was still going after that sound."  These opportunities would lead to Stephen traveling and living in many different places and playing with some of the musicians and educators pushing the forefront of this music - pianist Ellis Marsalis, Jr., drummer Mike Clark, organist Joey DeFrancesco, trombonist Wayne Henderson, trombonist Fred Wesley, pianist Cyrus Chestnut, alto saxophonist Donald Harrison, Jr., percussionist Bill Summers, drummer/vibraphonist Jason Marsalis, alto saxophonist Wessell Anderson, vocalist Kurt Elling, pianist Aaron Goldberg, trumpeter Bobby Shew, trombonist Steve Turre, trumpeter Raymond Williams, Sr., bassist Roland Guerin, Poet Abidune Olyewole (The Last Poets), trombonist Tyrone Jefferson - to name a few.  Stephen has performed in venues such as Tchaichovsky Hall in Moscow, Russia, The National Concert Hall in Taipei City, Taiwan, Opéra Bastille in Paris, France, The Kursk Philharmonia in Kursk, Russia, Lincoln Center in New York, New York, Ronnie Scott's in London, England, C Venues in Edinburgh, Scotland, The Village Vanguard, The Blue Note and The Jazz Standard in New York, New York, Blues Alley in DC, Babylon in Istanbul, Turkey, The North Sea Jazz Festival in Amsterdam, and many other great venues across the world. Beside playing and touring, recording and teaching have been prospects for Stephen to share in his talents and learn and grow as a musician and as a person.  As Stephen resides in Charlotte, N.C., you may catch him all over the world on any given day, swinging and grooving.  For all info, check out www.stephengordonmusic.com, as well as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram!   

I want to take a moment to share pure gratitude, joy and the abundance of the blessings of life, of God The Great Creator, and of pure, unconditional love, all through my beautiful parents and my family - Thank you for always showing me a beautiful life, the clarity of love, of faith and prayer, of hard work, of patience, of diligence, of kindness, of joy and acceptance, to always further my efforts towards that which is truly life - Truth.  I am forever greater and the music that resonates within and outside of me and share is because of the love that you all have given to me, allowed me to receive through you and to pass along in this lifetime, and God willing in the coming after.  I thank God every single day for all of you, our village, and our love that I pray will always shine brighter than the north star itself.  It is with grace that you all have guided me, and your love has never been wasted, for I hope that each of you know that it is shared always through a smile, a word of kindness, a hug and a presence that has blessed me to travel all around the world to share.  I will always be a greater being because of the experience I have, the experience I took with me and the experiences I venture forth into.  I am forever thankful for all of you, that you stand by me, stand for joy, for love and clarity in this world and that your lights are never extinguished - May The Omnipotent One forever fuel your light, the candle you set forth with and shine all around you and through others.   

Peace and blessings always,



STEPHEN GORDON uses exclusively -

MURAT DIRIL cymbals, SONOR drums, EVANS drumheads, PROMARK sticks/brushes/mallets, TACKLE SUPPLY CO. cymbal and stick bags, AHEAD ARMOR drum bags/accessories and ROC-N-SOC drum thrones